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Pepsi Poppet

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We are looking for a forever or foster home for this little lady for asap.
The time at her current foster home is running out and we dont want her to have to go back to the kennels.

This beautiful little girl had a home waiting for her but sadly and very unexpected her blood tests have come back positive for leishmaniasis and her adoption has fallen through. She is still so young and we never expected her to have leish. The good news is that she is having zero symptoms and that her organ test was absolutely fine. She has started her treatment of Allopurinol and is doing absolutely fine. Pepsi Poppet is currently at a foster home and we are now looking for a forever home, preferably in the area so that we and our vets can assist and help if needed.
Pepsi Poppet is a smallish girl, about 10kg, and less than a year old. She gets on well with other dogs, likes playing with the other pup at her foster home and loves snuggles on the sofa. She feels very safe with women but is wary of men. If she feels unsure and needs her space she likes to go into her crate which is her safe cave. She is okay with kids but calm children or already a bit older ones would suit her better. She is a smart and loving girl who would make a lovely companion. She is still young, still likes to chew things and will need some basic training of course but she is a bright and sweet girl :) Pepsi Poppet and her siblings were found abandoned in a burrow last summer, all her siblings have left to their forever homes long ago and it would mean the world to PP if someone would finally adopt her.


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