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Look how beautiful our girl Lady has become, what a transformation
When Lady came into our care she looked really bad due to not being well cared for and having untreated leishmaniasis.
It took time and it was hard to see her in such bad condition but luckily she responded well to the medication and having lots of love and support from the kennel team helped her through this rough time. Today Lady is a beautiful, happy girl, very much loved by everyone and all that's missing now is to find a loving family to adopt her.
Her Leish is under control, all she needs is a daily dosis of Allopurinol (costs about 5 Euros per month). She is a gentle, sweet and loving girl who just wants to please. She is friendly, gets on well with other dogs, walks well on the lead- a fab little lady, our Lady. Seven years old, medium size and ready to find the loving home she deserves. If you are interested in meeting Lady, please contact us.

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